Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Bourjois Goodies

Bourjois has some new stuff out! I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but thought I'd share anyway.

I just saw links for the new Brush Foundation and new Brush Concealer on Ulta's website.

Image from
Brush Concealer

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Brush Foundation

Yay! :)

The Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow looks like all kinds of fun. I have no idea what color I'd get. The Gris Platine is probably my favorite:

Image from

but I have no idea if it would look good on me. If I was getting any, I'd probably go safe and get the brun magnetique, beige metallique, or blanc chrome. ;)

They also have a new foundation brush and concealer brush - the product is in the handle and comes out directly into the brush at the end. I haven't found them online yet, though Ulta is advertising it in the latest ad I just received in the mail. The lovely Mademoiselle Bourjois demonstrates how to use the foundation brush and concealer brush in the following video:

You can see other instructional videos and Bourjois commercials at the Mademoiselle Bourjois Channel on YouTube.

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