Wednesday, July 16, 2008

French Dressing, Where Art Thou?

What's the deal with French dressing? I had no idea it was such a commodity. We had to visit 2 stores over the weekend to get some because the first store didn't even carry it. The second store had ONE brand of it, if I remember correctly, and I think it was even more expensive than the other flavors. When did French dressing go out of style?

After thinking about it, I realized that you don't always hear it as an option at restaurants either. If it's the French thing, we can just be really cool and defiant and call it Freedom dressing. Because that makes the kind of statement that will be taken seriously. It can't be the flavor because it always seems to be the chosen dressing if we offer options when having people over for dinner.

So what happened, French dressing? What did you do that was so wrong?


Kate C. said...

Is French Dressing hte same as Catalina? Perhaps the name has just changed?????

a.s. said...

I've always thought they were similar but not quite the same. I did see Catalina at the store from a couple different brands, and it's a bit more red rather than orange. But I don't know what makes Catalina Catalina anymore than I know what makes French French! ;)

Anonymous said...

It surrendered and retreated. Hardy har har :P

Astarte's Student said...