Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rescue Ink

Image from's cafepress shop

A friend of mine sent me a link to this organization that I think is awesome. Rescue Ink is a group of guys who look like they'll beat the crap out of you. They're actually a group of guys who love animals and try to help and find homes for abused animals. I love it because they could probably step into any situation to help an animal, where I might be a little more hesitant. ;P I also love that they speak out against puppy mills. Be sure you check out their About Us page to see the profiles of everyone from Johnny "O" to Des "the Cat Man". :)


Anonymous said...

they are a broken down version of 'Dog the bounty hunter' They are pitiful. so in search of a TV show. They are phony.

Anonymous said...

I love animals and donate my time and money and my heart to the cause. These guys do not operate a shelter. they ride real rescue groups coat tails and siphon off donations from real organizations who actually help Animals. All they want is to be on Television.
Their leader Mike Tatoo ( yes he actually uses that moniker) is an Actor. They talk talk talk and do nothing. I agree

astarte's student said...

If that's the case, that sucks! Thanks for the additional info. All I knew was from the website. :/