Friday, November 20, 2009

Mailing Lists

Since I do so much on my BlackBerry these days, I'm really noticing how many mailing lists I'm on - especially for things I don't really care about. I've joined tons just to be notified of travel specials, get the introductory coupon or discount, or 'just in case something comes along I'll be interested in'. I no longer need to be notified of travel specials, find coupons and discounts easily when I need them, and, well, how often does something really come along that makes me think 'gosh that one email made the other 3 billion worth it!'? I've managed to clutter my phone, as well as my email inbox since I don't check it regularly, with junk mail after junk mail.

Time for a little clean up (read: unsubscribing).

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