Monday, September 29, 2008

My Beloved TV Is Back!

Apparently, the pregnancy depression I mentioned earlier can still rear its ugly head even when I think I've adjusted and been done with it. I suppose during pregnancy, any of these symptoms can pop back up at any time. I stopped posting, stopped attending yoga, and pretty much tried to just hide out and get through the days. I have since "recovered", I guess you could say, and have regained an interest in posting (and pretty much everything else). I have been doing more baking lately, which I may post about, but more importantly - new TV seasons are starting again!

I thought the premiere was fantastic - probably better than the whole previous season. I love the gray (pardon the pun) area they're bringing up in this whole good vs. evil storyline. It's similar to one of the things I like about Lost - not knowing who's really supposed to be "good" or "bad" and deciding for myself.

This is a pretty good new show - very X-Files and Lost, which makes sense knowing who's behind it. By the way, if the music reminds you a bit too much of Lost (which it does us), it's because it's the same music guy. Guess we can tell what he likes. ;P I love stories that go into both the paranormal and science, so I find this show really interesting. And Joshua Jackson has surprised me with a fairly interesting character - I was not a fan of Dawson's Creek and was afraid I wouldn't like this show because of him.

Criminal Minds
The season premiere was a little blah...mostly just resolving the end of the last season. I'm looking forward to new stuff. I love the show enough that I'll forgive them.

Bones has been so good this season! I think the addition of Dr. Sweets as part of the gang was a good one. I hope we don't spend the whole season trying to replace Zach, though. And as much as I liked Zach, I'm not sure I would be as friendly to him as the rest of the gang still is. ;P On a side note, I finally read a Temperance Brennan novel by Kathy Reichs, and I have to say, I much prefer Bones to the novel character. I don't think I'll bother reading anymore of them.

Same ol', same ol', but still entertaining to watch.

Law and Order SVU
Are they just going to be trying for Emmys each season? I want more crime, less personal drama with the cops themselves. But that's just me. The new ADA seems interesting.

It's in HD now! That's pretty much why we're watching. Or at least why I am. No one grabs me as someone to cheer for, yet.

The Amazing Race
I love this show. If only they'd decide to go HD. The team of dating NYers is going to be funny/annoying - I loved the part in the preview for next week when he's complaining about another team's ethics and she pipes in "and they didn't even say hi!" hahaha

Dancing With the Stars
This would have been a big one for me, if I wasn't completely sick of the filler crap. I think 3 episodes in one week was major overkill and caused a burnout even in devoted dance lovers like myself. I didn't even bother watching - I saw a few bits here and there, looked up who was kicked off, and deleted the taped episodes.

This week, I'm looking forward to the premieres of Chuck and Numb3rs. Oh, and the Vice Presidential Debate. :)

What are YOU watching?

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Allie said...

I cannot WAIT for the VP debate! Talk about must-see TV!!!!