Monday, September 8, 2008

Sure, I'd love a vacation!

I did not intend to make this a pregnancy blog, but when that's what you think about 95% of the time, what can you do?

I signed up for a few of those pregnancy e-newsletters that tell you everything about your body and the baby at X weeks. Well, they're a bit frustrating right now because they all seem to be saying that now's the time to have a getaway with your partner because you're still somewhat mobile and you won't have as much time for trips once the baby's born.

Fun little getaways, however, require 2 things: time off from work and money.

What are we trying to save up? Time off from work and money.

I'd like to take as much time off as I can after the birth yet still get paid, so I'm saving up all my available time to go towards that (same with hubby). Also, between all the money spent on preparing for the birth and buying supplies for the new baby, it's not like we have a lot of cash sitting around saying 'spend me!'

So yes, I'd love to take a vacation. Thanks for reminding me. :/


Allie said...

Oh yeah, we're in the same place. Even work is telling me to take off... I am like with what PTO? And then, where do we go with zero money? We're thinking of a staycation and do stuff like update wills, meet with financial advisor, finally buy the crib and all... but that is not a fun getaway. Necessary, but NOT fun. Let's add we may not have a complete house at that time...

oooh would LOVE a cruise or tropical vaca and get one more use out of my maternity bathing suit, but think the closest will be watching a rerun of Cocktail on TBS.

Astarte's Student said...

Yeah taking time off to stay home is hard to do without ending up catching up on chores or running errands or some other not fun thing. ;P