Monday, June 23, 2008

Some of My Roses

A lot of my roses are in full bloom right now, so I felt like sharing some photos I took. I have over 30, I think, so this is only a few. Most of them are English roses, whose names I always forget. I'll just go ahead and blame the black spot on my pregnancy because I haven't had the energy to go out and care for them like I normally would. :(

Here are a couple of climbing roses on a trellis right by our patio. I think the hubby could do without them right there, but I love eating with roses right over my shoulder. ;)

This is Hot Cocoa, one of the more interesting roses I've seen. I got a wimpy little plant from a going-out-of-business sale, so I've only had the one bloom so far. I'm hoping to bring a little life into it.

Awww. The Love rose. :)

The Diana, Princess of Wales rose. Perfect name for it because it's a beautiful rose with a lovely scent.

The Iceberg rose is one of my favorites. It's hard to see in the photo, but it's full of the prettiest little buds. The rose itself seems pretty hardy because it has some of the nicest green leaves of all the roses, and I haven't done anything to it.

No idea what this is. Previous owners put it back in the middle of nothing in a shady spot. Terrible location - I just haven't moved it yet. It didn't bloom at all last year, but I cleaned up around it and pruned it with all the others in the winter. What a nice surprise!

Joseph's Coat is a neat rose. The buds and blooms go through many colors - no wonder it's called Joseph's Coat.

One of my favorites of the English roses. I think this one is called Pat Austen. I'm so glad I inherited all of these English roses with the house because they are so beautiful and smell DIVINE.

Finally, a quick (bad) photo of my garden. The back left wet spot is lettuce, the next long wet row is bush beans, the two tomato cages on the left are tomatoes, while the one on the right is for cucumbers, the plants in front of the tomatoes are bell peppers and chili peppers, and the two mounds in front of the cucumbers are cantaloupe and watermelon. The little bush against the fence is sweet peas. There are also blueberries and raspberries to the left of the lettuce, out of view. In front of the lettuce, I'll be adding my root crops: carrots, green onions, and Walla Walla sweet onions.

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