Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where I've Been

Since I'm starting to feel a bit better, perhaps now is a good time to explain my absence and hope that anyone who was reading my blog will continue to do so! I have lots of hits from people searching for MacGruber lyrics (to whom I apologize - I, too, have searched for lyrics and have never found any!), so I'm hoping I also have regular readers mixed up in there and haven't lost you due to my lack of posting.

Anyway! I'll give you a hint:

Yes, the stork will be visiting our house. The past few months have been filled with all the ups and downs - mostly downs - of early pregnancy. I say mostly downs because on top of the normal pregnancy symptoms you hear about, I also had one of the lesser-known symptoms (at least lesser-known to me!) - depression. I wasn't depressed to the point of needing medication or anything like that, but 'the blues' that I had were just enough to exacerbate every other symptom I had and make the whole experience less than 'glowing'.

Twice before I thought I was coming out of the fog, only to dip right back into it again a few days later, so I hesitate to say I'm done with it now. I'm feeling better though, and coming to the end of that time statistically, so here's hoping! I'm also starting prenatal yoga, so I'm hoping to get both physical and emotional benefits from that.

And can I just complain that I'm sick of my pants not fitting? :/

I haven't been wearing much makeup lately, even though the Bourjois goodies couldn't have come at a better time to cheer me up, so I hope to get back on that horse and get some reviews out to you soon.

I've also been taking lots of photos of the roses in my garden, so I hope to post some of those as well! I really need to take care of them, but I've been feeling too yucky and exhausted to do much lately. Bummer.

So there you have it. My somewhat valid excuse for not being around. Feel free to share your experiences if you like; I know mothers like to do that. ;) I probably won't discuss my own too much except for things that I discover that might help others (like asking your doctor about taking Vitamin B6 and Unisom for morning sickness or how papaya helps with digestion).

I hope we all have a good day today!


Anonymous said...

Hi AS,
Congratulations:) It's true what you said about mother's feeling the need to share. I don't remember any particular or standout episodes during my own pregnancy so you're safe from my stories.

It's ok about the pants. It sounds like you've been taking care of your body before so you'll get back to slim in no time.

as said...

Hi Joanne!

Thanks. :) I don't mind hearing what other mothers have to say - it's just funny how open mothers are about sharing. This is one topic that really makes women open up to each other!

I'm not too worried about the weight part of it - I'm just starting to get sick of wearing the same stuff because nothing fits right anymore. :/

Did you notice your shoe size changing after pregnancy? I'm afraid of that happening ot me!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I was pregnant, I didn't want to spend too much on clothes so I bought a total of three pants after I couldn't fit in any of my regular ones anymore. I wasn't working so I got away with this.

And sad to say, yes, my feet are now a full size larger than before.

Allie said...

I SUCK because it has taken me so long to come by and congratulate you! But as a fellow preggo chick, you know how your mind and the time just goes and next thing you're lying in bed thinking, "man I didn't send an email to Astarte's Student!"

I hope you have my email (mywardrobetoday at gmail); do email me since we are so close along and we can share trials and tribulations! :)

as said...

Oh no, Joanne! I may end up having to sell some shoes then. :O Guess I could have fun buying more. ;D My work is pretty casual so I've been able to get away with alternating a couple pairs of khakis held up with a rubber band. hehe I'm like you - I don't want to spend too much so I'm trying to hold off as long as I can.

Allie don't worry about it! Yeah I've got major forgetfulness now too. :/