Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Garden Update with Photos

How's that for a catchy title? I should have had the hubby take photos, but here are some anyway!

As you can see, the beans are doing a little too well. One mental note I'm making is that I probably don't need to plant as many, as much as I love beans. The green onion and carrots (bottom left) seem to be coming along nicely. The watermelon has a few melons on it. The tomatoes and peppers are doing well. I've got 1 lonely cucumber. Haven't seen any cantaloupe yet (unless they're hiding). Some pics....

Isn't that the cutest little watermelon?? I planted Sugar Baby, and I can't wait to see how the melons turn out.

My lonely cucumber - it's a pretty good size though!

Chili peppers

Bell peppers are also kind of cute when they're small. Maybe I just have baby on the brain.

I will enjoy consuming these beans.

Willamette tomatoes

Roma tomatoes

One funny thing about me - I don't like tomatoes (neither does the husband - these will be used in cooking or salsas or something), but I LOVE the smell of a tomato plant.

I think things are coming along nicely for our first garden. It certainly wouldn't have done as well if my husband didn't water it almost every day for me. What would I do without him?

I think next time I will do a little rearranging. I'll probably also do 1 bell pepper plant instead of 2. Lettuce will be somewhere else (probably a planter) just so I have more room. (Side note: the lettuce did really well - Red Leaf lettuce is mighty tasty!) I may choose 1 variety of tomato as well.

Hope all your gardens are doing well!

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