Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympics Likes and Dislikes

This is just off the top of my head type stuff, avoiding any political discussion.... I figured I've been watching so much of the Olympics, I might as well add my 2 cents!


Power Walking - The only thing I could find about this on the NBC Olympics site was this article. Watching power walking is the most amused I've been during the Olympics. As my husband said, they can walk faster than I can run. But it's still funny to watch. :D

Nastia Liukin - I know Shawn Johnson is the sweetheart, but I really like Nastia's style. She was also very classy about the whole uneven bars tiebreak.

Funky Sports - I love seeing all the sports that you don't commonly see on TV, or even realize people compete in, such as Trampoline, Individual Pursuit, or Handball (which is totally different from what I thought).

Bela Karolyi - His commentary is always entertaining and GOOD!


NBC's coverage - They could be showing more events live, or at least on the same day that they're contested. And I could stand to see a few less seconds of their flashy graphics every 5 minutes. We could easily fast forward through that garbage, by why make me do all the work? :/

Rowdy Gaines (I can't bring myself to link to his ACTUAL page) - His commentary during the swimming was so annoying. He spent half the time congratulating himself anytime he made a correct prediction and the other half talking about how Dara Torres was the fastest swimmer in the pool...even after she didn't win. I like her, but I think it just takes away from what she has accomplished by trying to make her something she's not.

NBC again - How many videos are they going to sell of the opening ceremony and Michael Phelps? Who buys that stuff? After hearing some of the backstory to the opening ceremony, I was a little less enchanted by it. I suppose Phelps won't be hurting even if he doesn't see any of the money NBC will be making off him.

Not seeing many medal ceremonies - This is probably more of a dislike to my husband who hasn't been able to hear Australia's national anthem played. I just think we should see more medal ceremonies and fewer shots of Bob Costas and NBC graphics.

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