Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I don't like to cook but I love to bake and make desserts. I was dying to make this easy little cake because I remember being excited about the bunny cake my grandmother always made for Easter. It's a tradition worth carrying on! My grandmother was happy with it. :) She said she always enjoyed making it for Easter, and I did too.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!


NY Spender said...

Happy Easter! :)
That cakes looks yummy!

Ginger said...

Awww! That's adorable!

You'll have to post the directions for making it! I might bake one like it next year...

Thanks for sharing!

Astarte's Student said...

Thanks NY Spender! :)

Ginger, thanks! It's pretty easy. I just used a regular cake mix and 2 round pans. One round pan makes the face, and you cut the ears out of the other one to make the ears and bowtie. My ears were uneven. ;D I frosted it with store-bought frosting (I'm such a cheat) and topped it with coconut all over. I made the colored coconut by putting some in a bag, adding a drop or two of food coloring, and shaking it all up.

I put some thin dabs of frosting around the parchment paper to stick the green coconut to and dipped the jellybeans in frosting to make them stick. I cut twizzlers with a knife to make the whiskers - I couldn't find anything else that would look right!