Monday, March 3, 2008

Yummy Torchwood

If you're a Torchwood fan and you haven't yet watched the latest episode ("Reset") - don't read this post.


The television gods were smiling down on me last week. Not only was I treated to a FANTASTIC episode of Lost, but I ended the week with a exciting episode of Torchwood called "Reset," filled with all sorts of goodies.

It started off with the return of Martha Jones (played by the beautiful Freema Agyeman). The banter between Martha and Jack was playful and flirty and made me wish that they would just make a Doctor Who with Jack and Martha as sidekicks all season. Martha was smart, cool, and confident, something the other two ladies in Torchwood could learn a little about. She made a reference to a "boyfriend" - would she have been referring to The Doctor or some other guy we haven't met yet? Last I saw, The Doctor was so not into her. She could just cut her losses and go for Jack - he's apparently very "innovative, bordering on avant-garde," as we learn from Ianto. Nice!

THEN...Charles Widmore! Alan Dale, known to many through his years on Australia's Neighbours and several American dramas, plays the omnipresent Charles Widmore on Lost, yet I got a double dose of him when he appeared on Torchwood as a scary researcher and professor. He certainly does a great job of giving me chills in whatever Scary Person role he plays.

AND THEN...OWEN!!!! Owen gets shot (by Alan Dale of course!) protecting Martha - I totally thought Jack was going to jump in the way, being as he can't die and all - but NO. I cheated and looked at Burn Gorman's IMDB entry to see what other episodes he's credited to, and it looks like he'll be in a few more...but will it be as a corpse? There are more episodes listed than what Burn's credited for so.... However it plays out, this was certainly a shocking ending.

Oh, and the episode's theme of resetting our bodies to "factory defaults" was interesting, and I love how Jack always stands up for humane (aliene?) treatment of aliens. :)

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