Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Constant

Lost was just incredible tonight.

And now, after letting the episode digest and watching that touching phone call scene with Desmond and Penny again, I think I'm ready to talk about it.

We got an episode full of Desmond and Sayid last night, two of the best characters on the show. We also got a bit more from Daniel Faraday, whom I just adore. Not only do I feel the need to care for him like a wounded animal, but he's also all geeky/eccentric/scientist-y, which is way cool.

You know the surprised cartoon character look that involves bulging eyes and a gaping mouth? That's what I looked like for a good part of the episode. Well, maybe not that bad, but I know my mouth was hanging open and I was on the edge of my seat. I loved the way Desmond went back and forth, and Henry Ian Cusick's acting was fabulous (even if he does remind me of John Black from Days of Our Lives when he has short hair). It never got repetitive or old for me - it only grew more suspenseful. Especially when we saw what happened to Eloise and Minkowski.

TPTB with Lost have said that the Desmond+Penelope relationship is an important part of the Big Picture on Lost, and I think this episode really reinforces that. That devious ol' Charles Widmore keeps popping up (and may pop up again soon) in unexpected ways. Minkowski said he was instructed NOT to answer any phone calls from Penny. Penny becomes Desmond's "Constant" and enables him to become "stuck" in time again, something that appears to be an important clue in learning about the Island's mysterious properties. Remember the polar bear remains in Tunisia?

However, because I'm emotional and sappy, my favorite part of the episode was the oh-so-satisfying phone call between Desmond and Penelope. I don't care if it isn't Christmas Eve right now, I certainly felt like it was for that brief moment! Making that contact inspired all the pure hope, joy, and excitement of Christmas Eve. The quick exchange of I love yous and promises to find each other and never give up was the best television I've seen in a long time. The intense close-ups on their faces and quick editing sucked you right in. It was infintely better than that high school romance between Jack/Kate/Sawyer(/Juliet?). You feel hope that perhaps there WILL be a happy ending and maybe everyone WON'T end up miserable and broken. I suppose we have two and a half seasons to change that though. :/

Here's to Desmond and Penelope. Pesmond will be my Constant.


Allie said...

I am a fan of Lost as well, and this show was so perfect on so many levels... I was so in love with all of it! And another episode tonight! Yay!

astarte's student said...

Tomorrow...for a second there I had a minor heart attack of excitement till I realized it was Wednesday. ;)

Have you been watching the 'enhanced' reruns? Every once in a while they have interesting little tidbits!