Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I'm Reading...And More

Currently I'm reading eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I know I'm a bit behind the bandwagon in reading this book, but from what little I've read, I'm thoroughly enjoying it and would recommend it. I'll write more about it when I've finished or almost finished - I haven't even made it to Italy yet!

Posting all these quotes from Thoreau is making me want to read Walden again. I read it in high school for a Junior Thesis and was fortunate enough to visit the pond while working on the project.

I was in Boston for a high school trip, and two friends and I decided to skip the usual tour of Harvard for a trek out to Walden Pond. We took a train from Boston to Concord, then walked the rest of the way to the pond. Did I mention this was in February? There was so much snow - it definitely added to the experience for me because not only did we walk past some beautiful old houses, but they were even more remarkable in the snow.

I was both excited and curious when we finally reached it. I walked around the pond area, thinking about what I had read so far and trying to memorize every moment for when I got back to my book. It certainly gave me a new perspective when finishing the book and writing the paper.

I visited the Thoreau Society Shop as well. I still have the items I purchased (a t-shirt, book, and picture) and remember picking them out with care.

I think Walden will be my next book after eat, pray, love. It will be interesting to read it again when I'm a bit older, a bit wiser, and perhaps a bit more in need of it.

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