Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gardening Progress

This post is pretty much just a pat on the back to myself. ;) With a lot of help from my hubby and mom, I got around 20 roses planted and transplanted. I've pruned and pulled out plants till my fingers were raw and my back ached. I've enjoyed watching the birds swarm in and eat up all the bugs and seeds I've uncovered. I've planted seeds from little packets I've gotten in the mail (Red Poppy, Baby's Breath, and some 'Bouquet Garden' - a fancy name for generic flowers). I've taken out plants to make room for a small extension of the patio (pavers of some kind). I think next we'll be working on that patio extension, borders for the beds, a small pathway through one of my beds that my mom created and one of the puppers just LOVES, and laying new bark down. I will also be planting berry vines and prepping my garden area for some veggies. Doh! Gotta remember to get Sweet Peas going!

Can I just say that I am SO excited to see this place come to life! I have so many bulbs coming up and buds forming on different flowering plants - can't wait to see everything bloom.

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