Monday, February 18, 2008

Gardening Season has Started for Me

Armed with allergy medication and anti-inflammatories, I have been tending to my garden recently (as evidenced by my aching muscles and filled bins of yard debris hanging around the yard). I've done lots of pruning and clean-up; today I'll continue pruning (roses) and prepare for some serious transplanting. The blueberries can wait for pruning but I can transplant them at any time. My cape fuschia can wait on pruning too. I should probably get started with the sweet peas soon. I have a whole slew of roses to transplant and plant (new ones still in containers) as well. I hope I'm getting good exercise and not putting my body through the pain for nothing. ;) Anybody else doing any gardening-related activities?

Happy Planting!


Kate C. said...

Heya, I tagged you. Yippeee! :)

astarte's student said...

It's late so my mind is slowing down...what do you mean?

astarte's student said...

Nevermind - I found it! Will do it soon!