Monday, February 4, 2008

Puppy Bowl IV

We all know the Super Bowl was last weekend, but did you also know about Puppy Bowl IV? Take a guess at what a "personal foul" or "player foul" is. I'll give you a hint: the "player foul" required a "Time Oust" (Oust was a sponser). It's so hilarious and adorable - how can you resist? There were a few miniature dachshund puppies that came in as "substitutions," but they didn't last long. I think they were too small even for the small puppy time. A big goofy malamute puppy towered over everyone but was ever-so-gentle and tried hard to play with the hyper little puppies.


styleandsubstance said...

I stumbled upon it after the game, and have never laughed so hard at hyperactivity! It was ADORABLE!

Astarte's Student said...

It's so funny...just when you think you've gotten your fix and can walk away, one of the puppies does something so silly you get sucked back in. ;) I love how we can see in their water bowl!