Sunday, February 10, 2008

Garden Plans

It's getting close to the time when I need to start getting things ready for Spring and Summer. I have lots of ideas for what I'd like to do - maybe if I write them down here, I'll hold myself to it. ;)

  • I need to put some sweet peas in. I'm thinking of putting these near my honeysuckle vine. A nice fragrant and showy combination, maybe? I still can't believe I have a honeysuckle vine! We moved in after it had stopped blooming, so I'm eager to put some work into making sure it does well.

  • I'm hoping I can transplate some blueberries to arrange my edible garden better. I'll be putting in some raspberries and blackberries, but the current layout of the blueberries doesn't allow me to put everything how I want. I think it would also be interesting to add some french or english lavender to attempt making jellies or cooking spices (lavender can be found in spice mixes with a Mediterranean flair), as well as the normal aromatic uses. I have a book on French cooking and the garden to match, so I may use that to help style my edible garden when putting in veggies.

  • I'll be doing a lot of rearranging of my roses. I inherited some fantastic roses with this house, brought some with me, and bought some new ones. With a little care, I'm expecting a spectacular show this summer. I'm hoping to arrange them a bit better to create more lawn space and bring the fragrant ones within smelling distance.

  • Of course, there is always clean up. I'm still waiting to see what this yard has in store for each season, but I already know of pruning (butterfly bushes, fuchsias, roses, russian sage, lavender) and clean up that can be done.

  • The Lawn. The lawn is in need of a lot of work: dethatching, aerating, moss, clover. I admit I kind of like the moss in some places; I think moss can be pretty. I don't know if it's a good idea to let it go, though. I really want to challenge myself to do the dethatching and aerating myself, but I'm probably being unrealistic. We'll see.

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