Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've all heard the usual story about Valentine sending a letter to the girl he loved while he was in jail and signing it "from your Valentine." has an article about the history of Valentine's Day. I found the theory about the day being in the middle of February to sort "convert" a Pagan holiday into a Christian holiday to be interesting - it's certainly not the first time that is thought to happen. The festival, Lupercalia, started on Feburary 15, and it was considered the beginning of Spring, a time for cleansing, and a fertility festival dedicated to the god of agriculture. Old habits die hard I guess because that all sounds familiar to what the current season means to many of us - spring cleaning and preparation for the growing season.

Have a nice Valentine's Day, whether it's spent with someone else or a day of some much deserved self-pampering!

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