Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Joy of Gardening....Between Showers

I didn't do much today thanks to the weather. I'm a little late in pruning the blueberries, so all I did was trim off any dead or scraggly looking twigs or canes. That alone was enough to make the plants look better, but I'm hoping it'll also allow the plants to put all their energy into the good canes and not into trying to resuscitate the bad ones.

I also pruned the Cape Fuchsia, which is huge. I didn't worry too much about how much I was pruning back because I have a feeling it's one of those plants that just comes back stronger. I didn't cut off all the new growth, but I cut a few stalks down to the ground and tried to shape it so it wasn't quite as overgrown. I also pruned a couple of branches on a nearby butterfly bush so it wasn't spreading into other plants as much.

I have this big patch of weeds (mostly clover with some other yucky weeds peppered through it), which is, of course, where I want to put my berry bushes. I hacked a big section out, dug a couple of holes, and put my berry bushes in. (Finally!!) Clover is pretty, and some argue that it's a beneficial plant (I certainly don't want to harm the bee population), but I also don't want to have to watch where I'm stepping constantly or have it spread around the yard. I'd also like a little sitting area in that spot someday. Maybe putting up a mason bee house will balance things out. ;)

My hubby was nice enough to do the mowing and weeding in the front yard (mowed the back yard a little while ago). Yay!

Next: spruce up the lawn and plan the veggie garden. The yard is still progressing even if the weather is creating some challenges!

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