Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beauty This 'n' That

There are a few beauty steals that I have been liking a lot lately, so I thought I'd pass my opinion along because...well...I can. :)

St. Ives Apricot Cleanser/Mask
I got this product at Big Lots for $2. (I think it was 'old' packaging.) I love St. Ives products, so I was excited to try this one for CHEAP. You can give yourself a little scrub and rinse OR apply a thin layer to your face, let the shower steam work some magic, then scrub and rinse. I like having the option to use it both ways, and it seems to be agreeing with my sensitive skin. You can feel like you're pampering yourself even when you're rushed! I think this will become a permanent addition to my beauty arsenal.

There are a few e.l.f. (eyes lips face) products I like. The All Over Color Stick is a nice product for quickly getting ready. I use Pink Lemonade as a blush and Persimmon on my eyelids to make me look more 'awake' when I don't have the time (or desire) to do much else with my makeup. I also really like the Luscious Liquid Lipstick (I think it used to be called the Moisture Care something-or-other). It has a decent flavor and is easy to apply without worrying about doing too much. I have it in Baby Lips, Cherry Tart, and Ruby Slipper. I have a lot of other e.l.f. products that I like (eyes, lips, brushes), so if you want any opinions, feel free to ask.

One of the things that I love about e.l.f. is that each product costs just $1. The quality of the makeup I've tried is fine, packaging is pretty basic, and the quantity is just right for me. It does seem like you get a tiny bit less than other makeup brands (not much less though), but I don't mind because I have NEVER used a makeup product to the end before having to toss it. The cheap cost and great deals that come through if you sign up for their emails make it an affordable way to have some decent makeup and try new looks. Check the website for stores near you that would carry it (it's not readily available everywhere).

Big Lots
I have to give props to Big Lots here because they are an excellent source for cheap beauty products. I was running out of things like moisturizer and face wash, and Big Lots is a good way to try out new products without breaking the bank. I found e.l.f. products there for 10% off (a 2 lip gloss package for $1.80). ;D I'm all about finding deals and bargains! :)


Anonymous said...

I googled elf cosmetics and love that it is way beyond reasonable. The size is actually perfect because the quicker it's gone, the sooner you can experiment with other colors. I'm a definite believer in beauty doesn't equal $$$.

I indulge myself in pricey items every once in a while but I make sure I use them to the very last microgram:)

Astarte's Student said...

Yeah, Bourjois is my true love, but I certainly can't just try every product and every color at that price. :/

I love that I can try different colors and products with elf, like cream eye shadows and those face sticks. I wouldn't venture into those prodcuts for a higher price without knowing if I'd even want to use them regularly!

Fabulously Broke said...

I heard that the grainy scrubs in that St. Ives is bad for your skin!!!

The grains are too big I heard

astarte's student said...

Yeah I've heard that too. The cleanser/mask grains are super tiny. (As a side note - the product I have actually says "Shower cleanser/mask" while the product on the website doesn't say "Shower" on it - maybe they've changed the formula?)

Anyway...the normal Apricot scrub does have bigger grains and I use it maybe once or twice a week if I use it, though I know people who use it everyday and have nice skin. The cleanser/mask grains seem much tinier - I don't feel like I'm scrubbing my face when I use it, if that makes sense.