Monday, April 14, 2008

The Weekend: Torchwood and Gardening

Torchwood was really cool this weekend. It was sort of a flashback episode explaining how Captain Jack Harkness collected or hired the current members of Torchwood (aside from Gwen, whose beginning we saw with the beginning of the show). Owen's background was particularly touching and interesting. I'm excited for the finale! It should be good.

This weekend the hubby gave me a lot of help with the lawn (mowing, spreading fertilizer, seeding). My sweet peas are starting to sprout! :) I cleaned off the patio furniture to get ready for any future warm days. I'll see how the seeding goes with the lawn, but aside from that, I think my last major project is the veggie patch I'm trying to plan. It's exciting when things are coming together! My hubby will soon be doing a lot of work on the patio extension, and I think it'll look great when it's done. Maybe one day we'll be able to just hang out and enjoy it all. ;)

Oh...I still would like to get a mason bee house. I had a bird house hanging in a tree but the twine broke, so I need to get that back up, too. I'd love to have a little bird family in the yard!

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