Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doctor Who Extravaganza!

This was a Doctor Who weekend! The season finale on BBC America was on Saturday, yet I didn't bother watching it. Why? Because it was on the Sci-Fi channel the week before. What was the Sci-Fi channel airing this week? THE NEW SEASON!! :) Friday night's episode was the Christmas episode for the most recent season (already aired in the UK). The episode was bad, to be honest, but it starred Kylie Minogue in a cute but dorky role and IS THE START OF THE NEW SEASON!! :) For all you Doctor Who fans, it's on Sci-Fi on Friday nights at 9pm Eastern. This Friday, the 25th, is the first "real" episode of the season, and we'll be seeing the return of Donna (Catherine Tate) from the previous Christmas special. I'm really looking forward to this season.

Not only did we have all kinds of Doctor Who goodness, but The Doctor himself, David Tennant, was on The Graham Norton Show on Saturday. He and Jo Brand were hilarious.

But it doesn't end there!

The Sci-Fi channel has also started airing The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin off of Doctor Who. This is the first season of the show, and it has already aired in the UK. Sarah Jane Smith was an accomplice of The Doctor in the 70s. She's now an adult and looking after a teenage boy whom she adopted. I missed the first episode, so I don't know much background other than that. After watching Friday's episode, I'll definitely keep watching. The show is pretty tame without being TOO cheesy, focused more on the teenage characters and fighting aliens, so I think it could easily be a family show (though don't hold me to that! ;P). I guess it's a nice break from all the crime dramas and shows like Torchwood that I watch.

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