Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Charity Table

We went out for lunch over the weekend, and the restaurant had such a great idea for charity that I had to share.

We were about to be seated when I asked if there was a window seat available. She said there is one table open by the window, but it's the charity table.

The what?

The charity table is a 6 person table by the window. It costs the party $5 to sit there, with the $5 (tax deductible, of course) going towards a local kids' charity. It's also the only window seat they'll take reservations for. We said we'd be quite happy with that, so we got a nice view, a semi-private table (it's slightly walled off, decorated with pictures of the kids it benefits), and gave a little extra. Not bad!

I thought this was such a brilliant idea. $5 sounds like such a small add-on when you're going out to a restaurant, especially if you're at a table with 4-6 people. What an easy, quick way to raise money for charity!

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