Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend TV

Just a few tidbits from the Idiot Box this weekend.

Hello! Topless guys making out on Torchwood! God I love that show. The episode was kind of lacking though.

The Graham Norton show was hilarious with Dustin and Lisa Hoffman. They're pretty cute together. I'll admit - that Mika song "Love Me" is like a train wreck to me - I can't look away! He was pretty funny on the show too. The hidden camera in the men's bathroom bit was funny AND gross. ;P

Numb3rs is back!! I love that show. And not just because I'm a geek. I love the cheesy little endings it always has and I love Colby.

Hell's Kitchen also returned this week. I like Gordon Ramsay so much more after watching The F Word (not that I didn't like him before). I've also started reading his autobiography Roasting in Hell's Kitchen (more about that later). After reading the first chapter about his dad, I'm quite impressed by what he has accomplished.

Ocean's Twelve was on tv so I caught a few snippets. I like all the Ocean's movies. (Shout out to FB!) This one is pretty funny with Julia Roberts' character pretending to pass as Julia Roberts. I love Matt Damon too. (MATT DAMON!)

Well this was certainly a lame post! Oh well! The weekend's a time to be lazy, right? heh


My Inner French Girl said...

Bonjour! I saw that broadcast of Ocean's 11. I know it's not the most critically acclaimed film, but it's tons of fun, and hey, we could use more of fun in films nowadays.

You have to check out Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-fi channel. Best. Show. This. Season. Okay, besides 30 Rock, that is. Even non-scifi fans may enjoy it. They have the best female characters I've ever seen on TV, and they're the leads. Smart and funny and very feminist. What's not to like? ;-)


Astarte's Student said...

I agree! I love movies that are just plain fun. :)

I should check out BG - the blonde girl in it was in Bionic Woman as the 'other' Bionic Woman, and she was pretty good at being tough and vulnerable.

My Inner French Girl said...

AS, yes, Katee Sackhoff is even better in BSG!