Friday, April 18, 2008

Lost Ramblings Just Because

I've been blanking a bit when trying to decide what to write about next. I have a few topics in mind, but they would take some effort to write about and I'm sick AGAIN and feeling very meh AGAIN. Just sick enough to be annoying and make me grumpy.

So today I thought I'd just ramble on a bit about Lost. Less than a week till its return! Yay! I've seen some spoilage, and I have to say, I think the next episode will be really good and really exciting. I won't spoil anything for anyone else except to say that there's a SNOW GLOBE involved. Kidding!

I'm dying to learn more about Daniel Faraday, like why he has a caretaker and what his job is for this whole freighter mission. If the people behind the freighter have bad intentions for the island, I think it's interesting that they bring someone along who seems to see what's 'weird' about the island right away - and he doesn't seem to be entirely lacking morally, so who knows what he'll decide to do with what he learns.

Let's see...what else...I'm also looking forward to learning who was in the coffin. It's funny because other mysteries on Lost make me curious and exciting, but for some reason I've been DYING to know who was in the coffin. That's one mystery that just really gets me. I hope we learn more about Libby too - she's way to involved between the sailboat stuff and the mental institution - there's got to be more to her.

I really couldn't care less who Kate chooses. That love triangle is the least interesting thing on the show for me. Not because it's a romance - I like other pairings and romances on the show - but Kate's character annoys me and it seems like all she cares about is Jack or Sawyer, Jack or Sawyer.

I'm curious how much Penny and her father know about each other's searches...and how much Widmore knows about Desmond's whereabouts. (Or if he made that happen!)

Anybody else have anything they're looking forward to or hoping to see?

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