Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of Course I Did Gardening This Weekend

Due to a cold I was fighting and some weird weather, I didn't do much gardening this weekend, but I still did some. The hubby finished the paver patio we'd be working on with the help of a friend. It looks quite nice! The reason I mention it is because I put some magenta, blue, and white petunias in a nice new planter to frame one side of it. ;P I also added some soil, fertilizer, and grass seed in front of the patio area to fill in some empty patches. I also added some more grass seed to that big empty bed (from moving the roses)...we'd already put some down but I want it to be nice and thick with lawn rather than weeds. ;P Hubby mowed the lawn too! What a nice guy! Now I think 99% of my focus will be that veggie garden. Oh! And my sweet peas are sprouting! :)

I also got another kangaroo paw - this time it's a yellow one. It didn't have a tag, so I'm not sure of the variety. I think there's one called "Bush Gold" - that may be it. They're pretty cool looking plants!

Today we saw a blue jay attacking a squirrel. I don't know what that squirrel did to deserve that! Got to close to a nest, I assume.

How's everybody else's gardening going?

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