Monday, January 28, 2008

insert catchy title involving "Lost" and "found" here

Lost is almost back!! We are huge Lost fans - I won't say HUGE because we don't go as far as playing the online reality games or Fantasy leagues or any of that - but we DO read up on spoilers, theories, mysteries, screen caps, etc. We've spent the "Lost off season" rewatching Seasons 1-3 on DVD, looking for Easter Eggs on the DVDs, watching mobisodes online, and catching up on spoilers and theories (see the LostPedia link to the left). I think TPTB on Lost really did themselves a disservice in the way they aired Season 3 because the season was fantastic when watching the episodes back-to-back. Taking breaks in the middle of a season is one of the dumbest things to come to TV, for any show.

One of the best extra features in the DVDs' commentary has to be any commentary from Dominic Monaghan. Lost just isn't complete without the DMS (Dominic Monaghan Show). Poor Charlie......or is he?? ;)

This will be a good week - Lost starts the new season on Thursday (a one hour recap episode followed by the one hour season premier) BUT they are also airing a special encore version of the Season 3 finale on Wednesday night, enhanced with text "pop ups" of back story and special secret stuff. :)

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