Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ribbons Undone

There's no other way to describe it - I think Tori Amos is brilliant. Even more so after reading her book, Piece by Piece. Her songwriting goes above and beyond most artists today, especially in the way she can write from different perspectives or research a story, myth, or work of art and turn it into a concept for her music.

One song, however, is pretty simple. Ribbons Undone has a clear subject and meaning, and that's one of the things that makes it so charming. I love Tori's more obscure stuff because I know it'll be interesting to learn what it's about or take my own meaning from it, but this song always evokes such nice imagery about a mother and a little girl that I felt like sharing it.

an excerpt from Ribbons Undone:

she runs like a fire does
just picking up daises
Comes in for a landing
a pure flash of lightening
Past alice blue blossoms
you follow her laughter
And then she'll surprise you
arms filled with lavender

Yes my little pony
is growing up fast
She corrects me and says
'you mean a thoroughbred'
A look in her eye says the Battle's beginning
From school she comes home
and cries
I don't want to grow up Mom
at least not tonight

complete lyrics from: Here in My Head

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